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Leather Protector - Alcohol-based skin protection product is easy to use and effective. It is designed for genuine leather, suede, nubuck and various types of textile materials. It is especially recommended for the protection of white and light leather furniture surfaces.

Treated surfaces repel water, oils, coffee and other dry and wet dirt, as well as prints from jeans and other colors.

The product protects the material for a long time without changing its color and breathability.

Does not contain PFOS or PFOA compounds.

Suitable for processing leather furniture, clothing, bags and sports equipment.

Patent leather and artificial leather are not treated! NOT suitable for wax skin (By-cast/Pull-up).

When processing, cover non-processable surfaces!


Store tightly closed in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place. When using, follow the instructions!

Ādas mēbeļu un to izstrādājumu virsmu aizsarglīdzeklis uz spirta bāzes

SKU: 712220
  • 500 ml

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