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The water-based care kit for leather furniture and its products is intended for the care of all types of natural and artificial leather furniture and its products. It is especially recommended for the care of white and light leather furniture.

The set contains everything you need for new or used furniture care, cleaning and surface protection against dry and wet dirt.

  • 300 ml Water Based Leather Protector - Water-based leather surface protector. Drying time of the treated surface - 24 hours. 5-6m2 can be treated with the bottle. At home, the protection works for 1.5-3 years and more.
  • 300 ml Leather Cleaner Pro - cleaning agent for natural and artificial leather products.
  • 60 ml Leather Balsam - Balm for leather - for softening leather products. Protects the skin from drying out. It does not crack or stretch. The skin should be treated with balm 2-3 times a year. Balsam is also intended for unvarnished wooden products.
  • Terry towel.

Water-based leather and artificial leather furniture care kit

SKU: 715696
27,90 €Price
  • 300 ml +300 ml + 60 ml

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