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(Change of trade name and active substance concentration of Hygisoft Universal Disinfectant Concentrate)

Teflex Plus is a chlorine- and alcohol-free, odorless, colorless, fast-acting disinfectant with broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity. It provides and long-lasting protection wherever a use-free environment is required.

It can also be used in households, for disinfection of residential, public and private buildings and objects, water-safe surfaces, equipment. This biocide is used to impregnate materials that may come into contact with food products.

Can be used for the disinfection of food products - equipment, containers, dishes and tableware, surfaces and pipelines, which are used in places of production, transportation, storage and use of food products and animal feed (drinking water), which are used in fodder and agricultural products and food warehouses, freezers, in greenhouses, transport, kitchens, etc.

Teflex Plus can be used for the disinfection of swimming pools, aquariums, saunas and other waters, as well as for the disinfection of air conditioning systems. It can be used to disinfect chemical toilets, sewage, hospital waste and soil.

Teflex Plus protects against viruses, bacteria, fungi, their spores and algae, and also prevents mold from forming. Has high efficiency. The disinfectant contains the active substance polyhexamethylenebiguanide hydrochloride (PHMB) and water. Does not cause corrosion of water-resistant surfaces. There is no need to rinse the surface after treatment, just let it dry before use. The effectiveness test was carried out in accordance with EN standards.

The Dezfog working solution is sprayed with a Pulsfog thermal nebulizer in the form of a fine aerosol with a particle size of 5-10 microns, which forms a fog of the disinfectant, the infection completely and in the same room and the disinfection of the equipment and equipment, containers. This method also ensures the disinfection of hard-to-reach places, the destruction of airborne products and fungal spores, which cannot be done by conventional spraying. due to the nature of the active polymer, a microfilm is formed on the surfaces, which provides long-term protection against active agents until it is washed off or mechanically rubbed off.

Rooms after treatment with a thermal fogger may only be used when the fog has settled completely (~ after 12 – 24 h) and the treated surfaces have dried.

When treating the room, warehouse, greenhouse, etc., ceiling and wall with the thermal fogger pulsFOG.

The protection created by Teflex Plus lasts for 6-12 months and even longer.

Ways of using the product in accordance with Regulation (EU) 528/2012:

*Disinfectants and algicides not intended for direct human or animal use.

* The field of food and animal feed

Teflex Plus disinfectant, concentrate for agriculture

  • 1 l  / 3 l  / 10 l

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