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WATER-BASED SPECIAL DETERGENT FOR BATHROOM Softcare bathroom cleaner is designed for cleaning tiles, plastic and other hard surfaces in the bathroom. Also suitable for wooden surfaces in the sauna. The product is developed using new Softcare technology and is efficient and environmentally friendly to use. The new Softcare technology is based on a unique invention that dissolves grease and other dirt without using solvents. The new consistency provides this effect. The cleaning agent is water-based and will not damage water-resistant surfaces.

Softcare Bathroom Cleaner

SKU: 715085
€10.50 Regular Price
€7.35Sale Price
  • Shake the vial well before use. Spray the agent on the surface to be cleaned. Allow to act for 2-5 min., without allowing the surface to dry. Wash with a sponge or cloth, rinse with water.

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